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Meeri Neko Girl - Post Aurigael Contest Entry (2) by Anisa-Mazaki Meeri Neko Girl - Post Aurigael Contest Entry (2) by Anisa-Mazaki
(WARNING - PLEASE DO NOT CRITIQUE, or you will be "flamed" and blocked.)

Hey guys, what's up? So 2 weeks ago, I drew another Art piece based on one of Aurigael's Characters. This is Neko girl, Meeri.
Originally this was supposed to be my second entry for :iconaurigael:'s Draw their OC Contest, (to replace this concept I drew back then >… or >…),  but ironically, my Wifi Modem started malfunctioning, which meant limited to zero net access, so at the time, I couldn't upload it.
The Net Tech finally came today, so yay... but it's to bad I couldn't get this in time for that Contest. I hope it's liked anyway cuz I worked on it for 5 days, (almost at the same time with Sakiko  >…)

Background is by Rin-Shiba
I used the right side of the Stock.

And I got the Cherry Blossom Petal Brush from 0Ranma, cuz I just wanted a  quick maker tool for PS at the time, cuz I didn't want to spend too much time making petal effects for this piece.

Oh and the Black, Cat fur textures  that I used, I got here:
Ears >…
Tail >…

Comments have been turned off because I'm not interested in people trashing the work -.-
I mean the character isn't even mine and already people  are being rude... Like wtf yo o.o?
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July 29, 2016
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